Revolution Talks Restoration With mido replica's Christian Lass

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This is my first time in New York City to attend the Grand Exhibition opening at mido replica. The timepieces that Revolution USA brought to the US were amazing,Swiss Replica Watches and we were able to take a private tour of the country before the exhibit opened. It's worth the effort if you get the chance to visit the exhibition (which runs until the 23rd July). The exhibition is open to all and free to the public. Make sure to visit the Big Apple to find out more about mido replica and the history of portable timekeeping.

Christian Laats is a Swiss watchmaker and restoration specialist who was present when I met him. He was responsible for preparing the Grand Exhibition's timepieces for display.

What role do you play at the museum?

"I have restored many of the watches displayed in the museum. I am a specialist in antiques, which are 100-500 years old. The museum has two collections: the mido replica watches collection and the antique collection.Bell & Ross Replica Watches The majority of the watches in our collection work. Some pieces aren't working because they would alter the "historical evidence." It would need to be replaced with new parts. This is not historical.

When I restore a piece of furniture, I attempt to make it look as it did back then. The same techniques are used today as when the piece was made. You can see the differences in the tool trace and that it affects the nature of your timepiece if you don't employ similar techniques.

Which is your preference: antique or modern timepieces?

Both have been my experience. I find restoration more exciting because each day is new. I must adapt to the style of my maker. I must adapt to the style of the maker. One day, I am expected to work like an old master.mido replica Then, a week later I am working on a Patek piece. I need to understand how the watchmaker made the piece.